Monday, May 1, 2017

Oh, and could we tell you a tale about Guadalupe Mountains National Park!
What a hike!  And wow the pictures!  I hope to post some here this week.
The park personnel were very gracious--and helped us set up a reading in the park.  A big thank you to Eric Brunnemann who provided us with so much assistance.  We met amazing people and enjoyed that big Texas sky!

And wow--the view above El Capitan!

Now the next trip!  It was going to be Isle Royale in Michigan.  We were trying to plan and book and line up staying in the lodge and figuring out how many days driving and how to actually get to the island--and then we got interesting information.  Yes, the ferry does run twice a week (Monday and Friday only) but the LODGE ISN'T OPEN UNTIL THE END OF MAY.  If we were willing to camp for 4 days in the cold with no facilities at all--well, it's charitable to say that we didn't have the proper equipment to pull that off yet.  (Maybe we will be better equipped when we get to the Alaska parks!)

So, instead of Isle Royale we are going to Hot Springs National Park!  Isle Royale is getting moved to a warmer month.  We got a hotel booked already, we got a reading set up, I have a bathhouse in my sights, and am looking at the hiking trails.  More information as the days come up but for right now we are leaving Friday May 12th and coming back on the 17th.

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OH!  And did I mention the really big news?  Pendleton Woolen Mills has agreed to be a sponsor for our Words of Preservation Tour! We proudly carried a Badlands National Park blanket up Guadalupe Mountain!  Please visit the Pendleton website and take a look at their National Park Gear!  Pendleton is well known for their respect of the outdoors--and their textiles are of exceptional quality.  We are planning to take this blanket with us on all future Park adventures!