Monday, September 4, 2017

And today I finally get to post about our latest trip--Alaska!
I will divide this trip over several postings; it was a grand adventure!
We left on August 12th and returned on August 26th.  We visited 3 parks:  Glacier Bay, Denali, and Wrangell!  Up front we would like to thank the Rangers at each of the parks.  They were gracious and informative.  Each park, each visitor center, each different and unique.  And Alaska!  How can we describe it?  Huge!  It sets a new standard in measurement.  Beautiful, terrible, vibrant.  Every day was some new indescribable vista.
Let me say up front:  there are 8 parks in Alaska--and over 2 weeks we only had time and finances for 3.  We have our sights set on Gates of the Arctic--but that is for another trip.  Alaska changes everything!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Photos!  Just a few--we got hundreds!

Karla at the Badlands National Park sign just as we are going in!

Boxwork on the ceiling of the Windcave!  A natural--and rare--formation!

Karla in our Badlands Pendleton blanket at the Badlands National Park!

A rope and timber ladder we had to ascend and descend on one of hiking trails at the Badlands!

The two of us enjoying a soda at Stoner Drug in Hamburg, Iowa.  Old fashioned soda fountain 
in the middle of the store--and best grilled cheese sandwich ever!  


Time to answer other questions!

1.  Other than the blog can we read more about the tour or about you in general?

Yes.  Below is a list of links and articles.  This list is constantly being updated.

facebook page ( and website page (


Tour address:

Blog address:

Park PR links to Media:
Carlsbad, NM newspaper:

In the Western Writers of America Roundup Magazine:

In Lone Star Literary Life:

2.  Both of you have books.  Where can we get copies?
Karla's 12th book just came out!  "Wooden Lions"
Each poem in the book is about an animal. A share of the proceeds are going back
to animal shelters and animal rescue centers.

Alan has 11 books.  His latest is "Waking the Bones"
These books, and several of our other books, are available through Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Not all the titles are listed on those two primary retail sources.
Please drop us an email at
and we'll help you secure some of the other titles.

3.  What is your favorite park so far?
So not fair.  Every park is beautiful and unique.  And at this point we have only hit 11 of the projected 50!
We do have lingering memories of Yellowstone, Joshua Tree, Badlands, and Wind Cave--but each park is remarkable.
C'mon--Hot Springs is the ONLY park mandated to give away their primary asset!  If Mesa Verde housed thousands of people--
where is the burial evidence?  What is the complete historical story of the Dry Tortugas fort?  So many questions!
So much wonder!


Here it is:  the link to the interview we had at the NPR station at the University of Wyoming!
A big thank you to the radio station there!  We had a great time!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

While I'm posting I really need to add, again, a big thank you to all the rangers and guides at both the Badlands and Windcave.  And a big thank you to our publicist who helps us arrange so much of the tour.  And a big thank you to Patrick Marshall and his wife for the generous contribution.  And to work and our families.  This tour could not happen without a lot of support.  And a HUGE thank you to Pendleton Woolen Mills, our official sponsor (we love our Badlands blanket--we take it to ALL the parks.)

Please read the blog and keep track of us on karla's facebook page.

If I get a chance I'll post a link to an NPR interview karla and I did for the University of Wyoming!

And be on the lookout for some photos--and news of our next adventure!

p.s.  I saw a great sign the other day.  I don't know the source, sorry, but the sign said,
"Not all who wander are lost."  Karla are I wander--but we are so not lost.  We are in pursuit of a large dream, to help preserve beauty.  Find a way to join us.  Visit the parks.  Contribute to their cause.  There is much beauty to be found.

That's the quick view of our trip to the Badlands and Windcave!  We left so much out!  What about Chicken n Pickle you might ask?  What about the rope ladder in the Badlands?  What about the ticket for running a stop sign?  (Don't get me started.)  What about having to pay to get both in and out of Kansas?

But anyway--our next trip is Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Colorado!  The current plan is for us to leave Texas on July 21 and come back on July 30.  We do have a reading scheduled in the park (with a few other tentative stops lined up--but nothing in concrete yet!)  We are looking forward to meeting the rangers there and seeing the raw, rugged beauty of such a dramatic landscape!

Sunday, June 27, 2017 This day had to come.  We loaded up the truck, said goodbye to Kansas City,
hopped on I-35 south and headed back to Fort Worth.  Wow wow wow. What a trip.